The beginning of the company goes back to 1990, when it was founded by Mr. Rudi Pirc. First development steps were made on the field of electric motors, generators and transformers production. The following years brought us a lot of valuable experiences and knowledge. The demanding market acknowledges us as a reliable partner and producer of high quality universal collector motors and variable resistors.

We have established a new production line of bubble wrap in 2017.

Our vision

With our knowledge and service we wish to satisfy every customer need. We demand constant improvements from our suppliers and the highest product quality. With the help of modern management organisation we aim at achieving optimal delivery time and a high quality product level at a reasonable price.

What are the solutions that help our customers?

Contrex d.o.o. helps its customers with the following high quality solutions:

  • universal collector motors,
  • DC motors (motor with permanent magnets),
  • variable resistors,
  • stators and rotors for commutator motors
  • bubble wrap packaging.

With partnership to successful solutions

Contrex d.o.o. establishes partnerships with customers, suppliers and co-operators in Slovenia and abroad. Those partnerships are the foundation to improve efficiency and successfulness in customer – supplier relationship.

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We are primarly focused on the export of our products.

CONTREX d.o.o.

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